Sunday, 12 August 2018

Cats & Cake

After seeing some pictures on Instagram I decided to book for Robert and I to visit Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium. I mean what is better then cake and cats in one place? 

It's extremely popular so if you need to visit on a weekend then you may need to book in advance. Trust me it is really worth the wait!  Before we went I was a little worried that it wouldn't be clean and it might not be the best place to have Afternoon Tea. 

However I didn't have any need to be worried as it was probably one of the cleanest restaurants I had ever been to and the cats were definitely more interested in having a nap then my food (I don't like to share my food haha!).

We really enjoyed the Afternoon Tea here and would definitely recommend it, however they have a lunch menu you can order from if it is not something you enjoy. 

The members of staff were all very friendly and extremely knowledgeable about each individual cat, it was plain to see that the cats were very well looked after by everybody that worked there. 

It was a great set up, with ledges and hiding places scattered all over the room at varying heights. Meaning that when the cats had grown tired with being petted by the public they could find somewhere to rest in peace. 

When you book a reservation at Lady Dinah's it allows you entry into the cafe for 90 minutes. I believe this is because it is so popular and gives opportunity to allow as many guests through the door as they can. We decided to eat our food first and then interact with the cats after, however you are free to explore the two floors as you please. 

We were seated upstairs were on that particular day most of the cats wanted to spend their time, so we were very lucky and got to see all of them. Downstairs is themed brilliantly so even if you are seated upstairs make sure you go down and take a look!

After our 90 minutes were up we decided to spend the rest of the afternoon exploring Shoreditch. I had seen from Instagram location tags that the streets were full of graffiti. Although I feel like that isn't the right word to describe some of the pieces we witnessed. 

If you ever find yourself in Shoreditch then you should most definitely take some time to explore as it has a great atmosphere and lots of street food. 

Lots of Love 

Natasha Audrey