Sunday, 10 June 2018

Summer Ball

We got invited to a ball! 

Robert's friends are members of the local Rugby Club and  every year in June they hold a Summer ball, and this year they kindly invited us to attend with them. 

The event was Black Tie so Robert had to wear a Tuxedo and I wore a dress (something that I'm not usually comfortable with haha!)

So before the ball started we were invited to our friends house for Prosecco and nibbles which was fun and I always like to have some pre drinks before I go to an event (just to take the edge of my nerves - anyone else get this?!) 

The event was held in a massive marquee with lots of table decorated like a wedding and it all looked really beautiful! ( I should have taken photos of the room before it started filling up but I was having too much fun)

Obviously the best part of events like this is always the food! 

It was a lovely three course meal which I really enjoyed. 

I forgot to take a picture of my starter because I was hungry and excited that the food had been served. 

Overall it was a really fun evening and the live band they had playing were fantastic so it was fun to have a dance with my hubby! :)

I hope you have enjoyed seeing our pictures of us all dressed up! 

Lots of Love



Natasha Audrey

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