Sunday, 22 April 2018

Tea at Harrods

My brother kindly brought Robert & I  a 'Virgin Experience Day' at Harrods and the whole experience from start to finish was lovely! 

You receive the iconic red envelope and inside is the voucher for whichever experience you have brought/or been given. The voucher is very easy to register on the website and from there  it gives details on how to book your experience. 

We originally had the experience booked for a couple of weekends before but had to reschedule with Harrods due to bad weather. So our Cream Tea for Two was rescheduled for the Saturday of Easter Weekend. 

We booked our Cream Tea for 1:30PM and decided to travel to London a bit early to have a browse around Harrods before heading up to The Terrace, we have been to Harrods many times before but really enjoy having a look around especially in the food hall! 

Happy Easter from the bakery! :) 
After a little look around we decided to head up to the fourth floor to The Terrace where we had a reservation for our Cream Tea. The Terrace has a dress code of smart causal and a reservation is probably advisable as the Afternoon Tea is very popular.

All ready for his Crean Tea :)

Now which tea to pick? 
With our Cream Tea we were able to choose a pot of tea each which is great because Robert and I like different types of tea :)  The size of teapot is quite large so it's definitely generous and worth the money for the experience! Plus if you really like your tea, you can purchase it downstairs in the Harrods food hall if you want to!

Earl Grey is my fave! :)

Now that looks so yummy!

With our experience we were given a plain scone and a fruit scone each, with cute little bowls of preserves (Clotted cream, Rose Jelly, Lemon Curd and Traditional Jam). I personally liked just the traditional cream and jam on my scones, but they all tasted nice so I guess it is down to personal preference.  

NICEST Scone ever!

Happy with a full tummy! <3

We really enjoyed the experience and would definitely recommend if this is something you would enjoy. You can book directly with the Terrace if you don't want to use the Vrigin Experience gift cards, either way I'm sure you will have a great time if you do decide to go for Cream Tea at Harrods. 

If you have been to Harrods for Cream Tea then let me know in the comments below what you thought :) 

Natasha Audrey

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