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Terror at Alton Towers

Before I start this blog post I want to say this isn't a sob story, this isn't to slate Alton Towers and it isn't to put anyone off going to the theme park. This is my blog and I want that to be a true representation of me and my life experiences so I have vowed to be honest and genuine with every post I write. I started a blog to have a space to write how I think and feel about things so that is what I am going to do in this post. 

Robert works for John Lewis and because of that, he gets some good perks and benefits. Once a year, before the season starts, John Lewis hire out Alton Towers for the day so their partners can purchase discounted tickets. 

I'm not a massive ride fan, and would most definitely not describe myself as a thrill seeker! However, because the tickets were so cheap compared to the normal entry price I agreed to go along with Robert. He really likes rides and had been before a long time ago so we thought it would be a nice day out together. 

When we arrived it wasn't exceptionally busy so we were able to enter the park without queuing too much and go start on the rides. We went straight to Runaway Mine Train as Robert thought that I would like this ride compared to any of the other bigger rides. It was lots of fun and I'm glad we went on this first as the queue time for this ride increased later on in the day. 

Next, Robert wanted to ride Galactica so we headed over to that part of the park. The park is set in the Staffordshire countryside and is a very picturesque location however it is very spread out so be prepared for lots of walking. On route towards Galactica, there is a cute spot with a bandstand which looks over the grounds towards Alton Towers, nice spot for a selfie haha! 

Before we arrived at Alton Towers I had said to myself I would go on every ride apart from Oblivion (how hilarious that is now) so had planned to ride Galactica but as soon as I saw the ride I could feel my anxiety increasing and was talking myself out of going on. Also when we got to the ride entrance it said you had to wear the VR headset (I later found out this wasn't true) which I wasn't keen on as I sometimes suffer from motion sickness, so I decided to wait for Robert outside whilst he enjoyed the ride. 

Top Tip:  Go on the App store and download the Alton Towers App as it has up to date queue times 

Next, we went over to the section of the park where Rita & Thirteen are, at this point I was feeling quite annoyed with myself that I had only been on one ride. So decided I would at least attempt Rita. In my mind, Rita just shoots you at high speed (I believe 62mph) and then goes back to the station however this isn't quite what happens (I think I was actually confused with the ride stealth). So again I was looking at the ride and thinking I don't want to do this. Robert talked me into going on the ride so I joined the queue and luckily the queue length wasn't very long at all,  5mins-10mins tops!

Unfortunately, when we got through the barrier and were climbing into the ride, I freaked out and decided I couldn't go ahead with the ride. Yet again poor Robert had to ride alone! I must say that all members of staff that I came across were very friendly and didn't come across as judgmental which was very nice.

Robert was VERY white when he came off of Rita and I'm not even 100% sure he really liked it that much so perhaps it was a good idea that I came off when I did haha.

Next was Thirteen and by this point, I just thought to myself there isn't any point queuing for the ride so I waited for Robert whilst he went ahead with this one. I did meet a lovely lady and her sons whilst waiting for Robert and she told me she also didn't like rides and was happy to be the bag holder for the day. Her husband was also riding Thirteen alone, so I didn't feel quite so guilty about Robert doing all of the rides by myself. Talking to this lady made me feel a lot better as I was feeling quite stupid for coming to a theme park when you don't like rides haha!

Once Robert  had finished riding Thirteen (he told me, it drops you down in the pitch black, no thanks!) We checked the queue times and noticed Oblivion had only a 5 minute queue time  so rushed over to that part of the park so Robert could ride that and I wouldn't have to wait a long time for him

There is a very cool spot just in front of Oblivion where you can film and photograph the ride coming down, I stood there for a while as I wanted to see if I could see Robert coming down on the ride. He is so brave going on this ride as it literally hangs you over the edge and then drops you straight down, something I know I would absolutely hate. 

Because the queue time wasn't very long for Oblivion or Smiler I was able to wait inside the Smiler shop whilst Robert went on both of the rides, I will warn you though the song they play around the ride and in the Smiler shop is very very annoying and will get stuck in your head! 

By this point, we only had about an hour left until the park was due to close at 5pm and Robert wanted to ride Galactica again, and I thought I might give it a go as I had only been on the one ride all day. This time I joined the queue and had convinced myself I could go on the ride and nothing bad was going to happen to me and if I hated it then it would be over in a few minutes. 

The queue time said an hour but it was more like 20 minutes so this was good in terms of my anxiety building up. We reached the front of the queue very quickly and soon it was our turn to ride. I sat down in the seat and a member of staff came over to strap my harness down over me. As soon as he did this I panicked and felt trapped and really wanted to get off of the ride. Luckily for me, people were still taking their seats so a member of staff was able to come and unlock me. I didn't ride Galactica and I'm still really annoyed at myself for letting my anxiety and fear build up that much, but who knows maybe one day I'll give it a go. 

Personally, I feel that Alton Towers has lots of family rides aimed at small children with CBeebies Land and they have lots of big rides for true thrill seekers and not a lot in between for people like me who like some rides, but not the crazy big ones.   

Please don't comment on this post and say why did you go to a theme park if you don't like rides because as I previously said I only went along as the tickets were heavily discounted with John Lewis.  Also, I think it's important that in a relationship you do things the other person likes and it just so happens that Robert likes rides and had a really good time! 

If you are going to Alton Towers in the future or have been before then please feel free to leave a comment and let me know what Galactica is like and whether I should brave it next time. 

Lots of Love 


Natasha Audrey

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