Sunday, 4 March 2018

Our Snow Day!

So this weekend we were supposed to be going to Harrods for a cream tea, as my brother had kindly brought us a virgin experience gift! Unfortunately, we had to reschedule our experience as the UK has been battered by the "Beast from the East" and "Storm Emma"! For most of the week, we thought we had got away lightly compared to the rest of the country but by Thursday/Friday evening the snow had hit us too! 

Work sent me home earlier on Friday so that I could get home safely which was kind of them, as it had taken me 90 minutes to travel a 30-minute journey the previous evening! Although we might have been able to travel to London by Saturday morning we both felt it would be safer just to reschedule and enjoy the experience without stressing about the weather! 

So instead we decided to embrace this weather that had hit us and head out into the back garden and build a snowman together! We are both big kids and don't care what anybody thinks when it comes to having fun! Although I would say that Robert is definitely the bigger kid (I like to think I'm the serious one haha)

We have been together seven years this month and I don't think we have ever built a snowman together! 

Hope you all had fun and enjoyed your snow days! I vote that now is a good time for some warmer weather and some summer vibes!

Lots of Love, 


Natasha Audrey

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