Sunday, 31 December 2017

New Years Eve

NEW YEAR..  here we are again just 12 hours until we are officially in the new year and 2018 is upon us. Everyone is different, some people love NYE and have parties and really celebrate the new year coming,  whereas others really hate the whole concept of the new year and have an early night! 

Personally, I think it's important to remind ourselves that although the new year seems a good idea for changing things and having a fresh start, YOU can make the decision to change something at any point in the entire year... 

This being said, I personally love the celebrations that a new year brings and we always have a little gathering at our home since becoming homeowners three years ago! My husbands family is Scottish and we all know that Hogmanay is HUGE in Scotland - I always say to Robert that we must spend a NYE celebration in Scotland one day! 

He can play the bagpipes and when the clock strikes twelve he will go outside and play a few tunes for me and our guests. I'm not sure it's something all of our neighbours appreciate but there has been a few come out and listen to him play in the past.  

I'm not sure if I really like the whole term of new year resolutions as I think this just encourages people to set themselves targets that they will probably get bored of within the first few weeks of January and then give up. However, I do think it is important to have something to focus on and a goal you would like to achieve in 2018. I just think you have to be realistic when you set these so you can maintain them throughout 2018 and onwards. 

Robert and I have been redecorating our house recently so our home is definitely going to be something that we have as our focus for the next year. We brought our house three years ago but due to wedding plans, time constraints and money constraints we haven't been able to really make our house the way we would like it. 

Look out for the blog posts on here as I document what we do to our home :)

I have also signed up for a boot camp starting the 8th of Jan which consists of a basic meal plan and 2x 45 mins gym sessions a week on a Monday and Wednesday mornings for 12 weeks, as I have enjoyed working out this year and so wish to continue that into 2018 - I love all naughty foods so we will see how well I get on with the meal plan haha!

The best part of the new year is that Robert buys me a new planner for Christmas and this year I have a gorgeous planner from Carrie & Co (link opens in a new window). I can't wait to start filling this out! :) 

My Carrie & Co Planner

Whatever your focus or goals are this 2018 I hope you have all the happiness and success in the world!

I'd love to hear how you prepare for a new year so feel free to leave me a comment below!


Lots of Love 

Natasha Audrey

Sunday, 24 December 2017

Christmas Afternoon Tea At Dobbies

Robert & I  act like an old married couple who are 70 years old and have been married for years and years when the truth is we are both 27 years young and have only been married for four months haha!

So much so that we hold a membership at our local Dobbies Garden Centre and we often spend our weekends, having a look around, and enjoying a coffee with yummy cake! So when they emailed me back in November with an offer to book a Christmas Afternoon Tea I jumped at the chance to get in the festive spirit with yummy treats.

I booked our Afternoon Tea for the 23rd of December (as Robert was working on Christmas Eve) and I'm glad I did as it really helped start our Christmas festivities.

Check out the pictures below to see all the yummy treats we enjoyed and just how festive it was! :)

Robert can't wait to start... 

Afternoon Tea

How cute are those mince pies!

Mini Christmas Pud! 

Our menu was as follows... 

Finger Sandwiches:

- Brie, grape, and cranberry
- Mature cheddar and chutney
- Smoked salmon and cucumber
and of course 
-Turkey and stuffing! 

Sweet Treats:

- Mini Christmas pudding
- Mince pies
-Mini black forest
-Fresh fruit pavlova
and the best bit
-Christmas scone with clotted cream and jam!

I thought I'd pop that there (saves you squinting at my photos, trying to see what we had haha)

Yes, we felt sick after, but it was oh so worth it!

If you get the chance you should definitely book next year to go with your loved ones :)

Merry Christmas

Lots of love... 


Natasha Audrey