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Saturday, 29 December 2018


Tongue to Thurso

The views from our accommodation window in the morning were lovely, Castle Varrich in the distance overlooking the loch, definitely beats our usual bedroom views at home!

 After breakfast, the plan for the day  was to travel along the NC500 route as far as Thurso. Then travel along the A9 to Wick were we had accommodation for the night (we had planned to stay in Thurso, but changed at last minute.) The first stop on the route was Strathy Point. Here stands a lighthouse that is pretty much central on the Northern coastline. It’s a fair walk from the car park but there is spectacular views on both sides of the lighthouse across the coastline. I had hoped to see whales or dolphins here, as they are quite a common sight in this area, but unfortunately we didn’t have much luck when it came to spotting them!

Once we headed back to the car we decided to carry on further down the coast towards Dunnet. As we were driving we spotted what looked like another beautiful beach with golden sands, so we followed the single track road down to see what it was like.

Once we reached the beach, which we later discovered is called Melvich, we were definitely not disappointed! Despite it being quite a windy and chilly day, the beach still looked amazing and the water such a turquoise colour

After a lovely walk along the sand dunes we headed back to the car, as I was quite eager to get to Dunnet Bay distillery, which is where Rock Rose Gin is made.

Unfortunately due to the tours being popular we weren’t able to see the distilling process but they do have a gift shop. The lovely lady who was working in  the shop was quite happy for us to sample the different gins if we wanted (which obviously we did!)

The last stop of the day was Dunnets Head which is in actual fact the most northerly point in mainland Britain. Here it is higher up so you have a 360 degree view of the surrounding area, meaning you can also spy the Orkney Isles.

Once we’d had enough exploring it was time to head to Wick for some hot food and a hot shower. Someone needs to tell Scotland it’s summer!

Sunday, 18 November 2018


Lochinver to Tongue


After a delicious breakfast, quite possibly the best thing about our stay at Glencanisp Lodge, we headed out of Lochinver towards Tongue.

On our way out of Lochinver we decided to try our luck at the Lochinver Larder, in the hope we could taste the famous pies. Luck seemed to be on our side as the shop was open, so we had two pies boxed up ready to take on our road trip further north.

After a lovely drive with lots more viewpoints, to enjoy and photograph we arrived at Balnakeil/Durness. Here they have various little shops, which all display the locals crafts and wares. I purchased a fabric/felt highland cow named Toffee which is hanging pride of place in my car!

Also in this craft village, is the world famous Cocoa Mountain. They have the nicest hot chocolates we have ever tasted so worth a stop if you are chocoholics like me! If you are lucky you might even get to share your table with the resident cat Mia.

Once we had our fill of chocolate, we decided to press on towards Smoo Cave. This is a very popular attraction so just something to bare in mind when you are planning your NC500 trip. The cave itself is fantastic, and you can even venture through to the waterfall chamber. On certain days there is a boat trip available, which takes you even further into the cave, but unfortunately due to recent heavy rain it wasn’t safe for us to do this.

After we had finished in the cave we ventured back to the car to continue on toward Tongue.

Just outside of Durness we spotted a fantastic beach with white sands and turquoise waters. Here we sat and watched people zip line from one side of the coast to the other, and some very excitable Border Collies race along the sands.

It was a relatively short drive from the beach across the Kyle of Tongue to our hotel for the evening. We were also pleased to discover that our room and the dining area looks over to Castle Varrich, so we were able to enjoy the sunset during our dinner and drinks.

I hope you have enjoyed all the photos from day 4 of our trip, and it has given you some inspiration for a trip to the highlands of Scotland. Be sure to check back soon to see what day 5 had in store for us!
Lots of Love


Sunday, 11 November 2018


Ullapool to Lochinver

After a lovely stay in Harbour House we were ready to embark on the next leg of our NC500 journey. The destination for today was Lochinver, and the owner of the Harbour House B&B recommended we took the coastal  B road via Stac Pollaidh instead of sticking to the A837. We are so glad he gave us the recommendation as it was a extremely scenic route which we both enjoyed!

Before heading out to Stac Pollaidh we made a trip to Rhue beach just outside of Ullapool. From where you park the car it’s around a 20 minute walk to the lighthouse, and is a fairly leisurely stroll. I really enjoyed this walk and I managed to get some lovely shots of the lighthouse!

Stac Pollaidh is worth a visit as it really is a spectacular view. There is a car park here if you wish to try and climb the mountain. Due to it being 2000ft we decided against trying the climb. However I later read online that it’s considered an easy climb for any relatively fit person and should take less than 3 hours. If you have the time then maybe you could give it a go.
We continued along the coastal road to Lochinver which we reached at around lunchtime. We had heard lots about Lochinver Larder and their world famous pies, but unfortunately due to it being a Sunday they were shut. We couldn’t check into our accommodation until 4pm so we decided to take the B869 via Drumbeg.
The first stop on this road that is most definitely worth visiting is Achmelvich beach, the water is so turquoise you could easily mistake it for somewhere slightly more tropical than the Scottish highlands.
We made a quick pit stop at the Drumbeg viewpoint which is quite spectacular and you can see 35 separate islands from here.. I also found a painted rock here, which I’ve taken with us to place somewhere on a highland adventure, in the hope someone finds it on their own adventures.

On our way back towards Lochinver we made a quick detour to Ardvreck Castle which is now in ruins. Whilst we were their the rain clouds started rolling in, which made it seem even more gloomy and desolate.

Once we had all the photos we wanted, it was time to head towards the B&B to get dry and warm! The rains were really picking up by this time and we weren’t keen to head back in to town later for our dinner reservation at Peet’s. Especially because the lounge in the B&B had a roaring fire, exactly what we wanted after a cold and miserable day.
Despite not wanting to go back out into town we had a delicious meal at Peet’s and if you are staying in Lochinver than you should definitely book a table.
For the rest of the evening we cuddled up by the fire ready for our adventures across the North Coast the next day. Keep your eyes peeled for day 4 of our trip soon!
Lots of Love,


Saturday, 27 October 2018



We started our second day by having breakfast at The Walled Garden, a cafe/restaurant set in a beautiful Victorian walled garden. Such a lovely location and great food if you need to refuel before you head back out on the roads.

The travel time to Ullapool from our accommodation in Applecross was just over 2 hours, however it took us 8 hours to complete. Purely because there is just spectacular view after spectacular view to enjoy and of course photograph.

If you are planning on completing the NC500, then perhaps you could split up this part of the route even further than we did, and stay halfway in between at Gairloch.

Take the coastal road out of Applecross as the views are fantastic, the road is a must see! Just be wary of the sheep and cows that wander freely on the roads as they obviously are in no rush to get anywhere.

We had hoped to visit the Torridon deer park but it appeared to be closed when we were passing so we carried on to Victoria Falls.

Victoria Falls is a waterfall that is situated beside Loch Maree, in my opinion it wasn’t as breathtaking as Rogie Falls but was pleasant all the same.

Gairloch was the first main fishing village we came across which has a very quaint harbour. I would have liked to have stayed here longer and taken a boat trip out to sea, as there was lots of companies offering whale watching expeditions.

However we were concerned at how much time it had taken us to cover very little distance thus far, so we decided to press on towards Gruinard Bay.

Gruinard Bay had a gorgeous beach were lots of visitors were exploring and walking their dogs. We decided to get out of the car here and stretch our legs,  and of course write our names in the sand!

If you are being braver than us on your NC500 trip then I would say this would be a beautiful spot to wild camp.

After we had finished our walk on the beach we jumped back in the car to make our way towards Falls of Measach or also known as Corrieshalloch Gorge.

As the name would suggest, this waterfall plummets straight down 60 metres (196ft)  into the gorge. You can actually walk straight over the gorge across a wooden suspension bridge (not for the faint hearted, especially if you're not keen on heights!)

That being said I would highly recommend a visit as it really is yet another breathtaking view. Once we had taken all the photos we could stomach, we continued on for our final leg to Ullapool.

We had a reservation at the harbour house (a lovely B&B overlooking Loch Broom.) We checked in and dumped our bags, ready to head down to the harbour in search of our fish and chip supper!

I hope you enjoyed hearing about day two of our trip, and have loved the photos as much as we do!
Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for day three of our adventure! As always thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog posts, it's very much appreciated! 

Lots of Love

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